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Quick & easy business Grants

finder and R&D recorder on the go. 

All in 1 place with 75% less time & cost.

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Hi, I am GROWISE, 


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 How much spare time do you have to focus on researching & writing Grant applications? 


Watch how I can help you.   


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I'm the Mobile APP & Online Portal developed by              the award-winning Growthviser.

Finally you can find and write business grants quickly. 

And track your time and record your R&D projects and expenditure, all in place, while on the go.



                               GROWISE App will help you.....

Find Grants 10 x Quicker               

Boost Grant Success Rate    

Save Time & Money                 

Record & Track R&D Costs        

Maintain R&D Time-Sheets   

Grow Your Business Fast  

Find grants 10 x Quicker

3 Simple Steps 

 → Instant search

 → Rapid response

 → Accurate ... Reliable ... Relevant

Early Bird Offer, Save 75%

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Record your R&D on the go.


Record your time instantly

→ Record trials & testing   

→ Record results                 

→ Collect R&D evidence


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record everything in one place

Keep your R&D and grant projects organized

→ Instant photo upload to your project folder 

→ Grant application trackers 

→ Easy to follow and simple

→ Folders for multiple projects 




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SAVE  TIME & money

GROWISE App will save you at least 75% of your time and costs. 

Instant grant notification

Easy to follow templates

Weekly live webinars

Support from an award winning team


Let's hear from clients


Growthviser has been working with Kendal Nutricare and handling our R&D & grant claims since 2016.   This has been a great success and has enabled our business to invest more money in research and development, to continually raise the bar in each market segment we trade within. Throughout our working relationship, Darina has always been very professional, ethical and hardworking.

Ross McMahon
CEO, Kendal Nutricare Ltd     


When Richard approached us about business grants I was unaware a business like ours was eligible for grants.  

Growthviser continue to work with us and highlight available grants and funding to help the business grow.                                              


Patrick Leahy
Director, Cornvale Fine Foods Ltd


Handmark Engineering are delighted to have secured extra and unexpected capital enabling us to re-invest into innovative manufacturing equipment and processes. Growthviser worked diligently and efficiently making the grant claims process smooth and effortless. We will now be working with Growthviser on a long-term basis, benefiting from their insight and ability to maximise Grants potential.        

Gary Mellen
Director, Handmark Engineering Ltd  


We had no idea that we could be eligible for the business grants. Meeting Growthviser was a real bonus for us, as we were unaware that innovation could be rewarded in this way. Growthviser team worked swiftly and professionally to prepare our grant application. We are sure there are many other food manufacturing businesses that could benefit from their skills.  

Dan Austin
Director, Lake District Farmers

Everything you need to  innovate starts here.  All in one place.




Webinars & Latest Innovation News

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Weekly Webinar

Join our live weekly webinars and learn how to use the GROWISE App. Live Webinars will take place online every Thursday starting on 3rd February at 11am.



R&D Tax Credits 

How to record R&D expenditure and time-sheets with GROWISE App.

Learn More 4-2

10 Questions you have to ask yourself before you start writing grant application.



Latest grants & funding for the green technology.



Questions? Answers.

What payment methods do you accept?

Growise supports all major credit cards, debit cards or direct debit. We secure your payment method with a 3D secure authentication for your privacy and protection.


Is Growise a mobile or desktop app?

Growise is an online and mobile app that you will access through your browser or Apple App Store. 

Can I claim R&D tax credits if I have received a grant?

There are specific rules that apply to treatment of grants and r&d tax claims. In certain circumstances you can claim for both. Please contact one of our advisers with the project detail and we will check the eligibility.


What's the fastest way to learn how to use Growise?

Our team has made it very simple to use. The fastest way to learn Growise is to watch the FREE 25-minute Bootcamp.

Does it cost anything to add my team?

No, at the moment you can add as many team members as you want to Growise  at no additional cost. Invite your entire team to collaborate on content. 

Who is the Growise App for?
  • Growise App is the first grant finder app and R&D recorder. Growise is for anyone who wants to start or grow their business and benefit from support available in form of business grants or R&D tax,  without paying a high consultancy fees or wasting time. Everyone  from innovative start-ups to multi-national corporations will benefit from the Growise App. We are here to help whenever you need us.


Why is Growise better than the other options I’m considering?

Below are just some of the reasons why people choose us:

  • The first of its kind mobile application - developed to save you time and money while removing  unnecessary admin tasks.
  • Reduced administration- Record and monitor your grant applications and R&D projects on the go with the click of a button.
  • Powerful tools that suit you- Everything you need to find grants and write a winning grant application . Plus R&D projects time and expenditure recorder that can be directly fed to your R&D report.
  • The personal touch- Our support team prides itself on being there to help whenever you need us.


Are there any commitments?

The minimum commitment is 6 months. We believe that you will need the minimum six months to allocate the grants and write the application. 

Does Growise have a referral scheme?

Yes, we currently operate an affiliate partner scheme. Please look at the details on our Partners page here

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Who is GROWISE App a perfect fit for?


  • Entrepreneurs/Corporations

    Allocate grants  fast and record your R&D on the go. Automate your R&D Processes and save time.
  • Consultancies & Accountants

    Add value to your services and deliver it fast.
  • Professional Bodies & Membership Organisations

    Add value to your services and increase your membership numbers.
  • HMRC

    Connect directly with R&D  recordings and save time and money on lengthy inquiries.